Our Referral Rewards Program

American Advance Tree is a small family owned business and we rely on you to help us grow our business.

Reward those who make it a priority to refer us to your friends, family, crazy neighbor and/ or Uncle twice removed.


How it Works……….Easy

  1. Refer us to anyone considering tree related services like we provide.
  2. Receive a certificate of 10% of the invoice total of your referral.

Wait What Does That Even Mean? What’s In It For ME?

  1. You will receive a referral Certificate via Direct mail
  2. This Certificate will be worth 10% of the invoice of the person you referred to us.
  3. Certificates will be received within 5-7 business days of referred invoice closed.  

Certificate Value & Expiration

All Certificates expire 180 days from issue date.

Certificate can be exchanged for cash or traded for dollar amount credited to next service visit with American Advance Tree.

Can be gifted or given to anyone even a charity of your choice, if you have a conflict of interest.